Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kansas City Easter Parade at Zona Rosa

As we gather tomorrow with our family and friends..... I want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter!
In 2006 Zona Rosa in the Northland introduced an all time Kansas City favorite, the Easter Parade! It caused such enthusiam that it's become an annual tradition at the shopping area.
The community is invited to participated in this tradition which features the Easter Bunny, a petting zoo, free giveaways and a best dressed contest.

Our furry friend Buddy won't be in the best dressed contest but he certainly is festive!
Happy Easter

Saturday, April 04, 2009

$8000.00 Free Money For 1st Time Buyers

I have heard that here in Kansas City there have been a couple of instances where accountants have been telling their first time home buyers that they cannot apply for the $8000.00 tax credit until 2009.

I have a copy of the blank 1040. Go to page 2, under line #69 where it says attach form 5405. I also have also a copy of form 5405 that you will need. You can look at "C" at the top. You can claim it now if purchased in 2009. If they purchase in July, 2009, they can file an amended return and get their $8000 immediately.
However, the drawback is that the EZ form which most of them would file does not accommodate this so they will have to file the regular 1040.
I would be willing to share these forms with whomever wants them.......... just email me at in the subject line put TAX FORMS and I'll send them to you as PDF file you can print out.
And if you know someone who is wanting to buy, NOW is the time to do it.....if they are looking in the Kansas City North area, have them give me a call 816-682-3897
Until next time.......

Kansas City Home Show

The Kansas City Home show was this past weekend and we went on the first evening it opened.
There were a lot of vendors there with different things: windows, siding, housewares, guttering, roofing, more windows and more siding, fountains and all sorts of different things.
We chatted with the gentleman that was there from an invisible fence company because we are considering doing that for our little furry friend we adopted the end of January.
It was an interesting evening... unfortunately due to the weather here in Kansas City, they were reporting on the television that it drastically effected the turnout of the home show.
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