Friday, March 30, 2007

Dunn Brothers Coffee Discovery!

I'll take a Mocha Latte With Goats Milk @ 140 degrees with a Splash of Coconut
Kansas City (Red Bridge)
535 E. 111th St
Kansas City, MO 64131
Phone: 816-941-8585
Location Map
If there's one thing my wonderful husband likes, it's a good cup of coffee! In our travels today we meandered into this local coffee shop that is in our neighborhood in Redbridge. We've had our eye on it and have been meaning to stop but just hadn't done it yet.... our loss because it was the coolest place and had GREAT COFFEE.

Yes, Kansas City is dotted with your typical chain coffee shops but this Dunn Brothers Coffee we hadn't heard of and we're always ready for something new and exciting. It's tucked away in the Redbridge strip mall.

When we walked in I was pleasantly with the ambiance! It was hip and the employees were extremely friendly!

We ordered and looked around some more.... there's free Wi-Fi, comfy chairs, nice looking tables and chairs, a conference table and even a couple computers you could use by the hour. It was extremely inviting!

Now let me tell you, I didn't really ask for a Mocha Latte with goats milk @ 140 degrees with a splash of coconut but I did get a killer Mocha Latte De-Caf!! It was good.

Just a word to the wise, even if you haven't heard the name Dunn Brothers Coffee, don't hesitate to stop because you are certain to enjoy the aromas, the taste and surroundings!

Kansas City Easter Activities

The Northland's Zona Rosa is taking on the Plaza Easter traditions! Kansas City's longest standing, traditional Easter parade has moved to Zona Rosa!
Put on your new Easter outfit and those snazzy shoes and join the fun and activities in the 2nd Annual Easter Parade, April 7th at 11 A.M.
Powell Gardens is sponsoring Breakfast with the Easter BUnny on 3/31 and 4/7 in addition to an Easter Egg Hunt at 11 a.m. on April 7th for children 10 and under. Visit their website for details.

Ward Parkway gets some BLING!

If you are one of those individuals that travels Ward Parkway on your way to and from work, you've probably noticed the new addition of trees.
224 trees have been planted in the median of Ward Parkway and you can thank the Ford Family Foundation of Russell Stovers Candies for their generosity of beautification.
The Swamp Oaks will turn a nice yellow in the fall and the Urbanite Ash will turn a red brick color to a orange red which will certainly brighten up your drive.

In the summer you can enjoy their lush green!

Thank you Ford Family Foundation for adding to the beauty of our community!
Here's a link to a story about Ward Parkway.

Kansas City SNAPSHOT

I came across a great project that is just it it's beginnings here in Kansas City!
In honor of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the American Institute of Architects they have started a program called Blueprint of America. It's a nationwide, grassroots community service program that will empower each cities residents to participate in developing new visions for their community's design priorities.
So where does Kansas City come in? Well if you live here you know that our town is made up of sprawling urban and suburban as well as exurban and transurban areas, no different than many other cities. The Kansas City portion of this nationwide program is being dubbed "The Kansas City SNAPSHOT" and will engage the diverse people and places that inhabit the Johnson Drive / Van Brunt corridor.
I don't want to take away any excitement from their project, so please take a moment to visit the website they are developing for this project Kansas City SNAPSHOT at
It's interesting and perhaps it will help all of us in Kansas City to see each other again.
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