Friday, March 30, 2007

Kansas City SNAPSHOT

I came across a great project that is just it it's beginnings here in Kansas City!
In honor of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the American Institute of Architects they have started a program called Blueprint of America. It's a nationwide, grassroots community service program that will empower each cities residents to participate in developing new visions for their community's design priorities.
So where does Kansas City come in? Well if you live here you know that our town is made up of sprawling urban and suburban as well as exurban and transurban areas, no different than many other cities. The Kansas City portion of this nationwide program is being dubbed "The Kansas City SNAPSHOT" and will engage the diverse people and places that inhabit the Johnson Drive / Van Brunt corridor.
I don't want to take away any excitement from their project, so please take a moment to visit the website they are developing for this project Kansas City SNAPSHOT at
It's interesting and perhaps it will help all of us in Kansas City to see each other again.


Mike Sinclair said...

Thanks for the post about KC Snapshot. I'm a photographer on the project. We also have a blog at
and a flicker site with many of the photographs from the project-

Freddie Aguilar said...

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