Friday, March 30, 2007

Dunn Brothers Coffee Discovery!

I'll take a Mocha Latte With Goats Milk @ 140 degrees with a Splash of Coconut
Kansas City (Red Bridge)
535 E. 111th St
Kansas City, MO 64131
Phone: 816-941-8585
Location Map
If there's one thing my wonderful husband likes, it's a good cup of coffee! In our travels today we meandered into this local coffee shop that is in our neighborhood in Redbridge. We've had our eye on it and have been meaning to stop but just hadn't done it yet.... our loss because it was the coolest place and had GREAT COFFEE.

Yes, Kansas City is dotted with your typical chain coffee shops but this Dunn Brothers Coffee we hadn't heard of and we're always ready for something new and exciting. It's tucked away in the Redbridge strip mall.

When we walked in I was pleasantly with the ambiance! It was hip and the employees were extremely friendly!

We ordered and looked around some more.... there's free Wi-Fi, comfy chairs, nice looking tables and chairs, a conference table and even a couple computers you could use by the hour. It was extremely inviting!

Now let me tell you, I didn't really ask for a Mocha Latte with goats milk @ 140 degrees with a splash of coconut but I did get a killer Mocha Latte De-Caf!! It was good.

Just a word to the wise, even if you haven't heard the name Dunn Brothers Coffee, don't hesitate to stop because you are certain to enjoy the aromas, the taste and surroundings!

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