Monday, August 21, 2006

Affordable Ways to Make a Home Sparkle.

Affordable Ways to Make a Home Sparkle

A home seller doesn’t have to spend a fortune on redecorating in order to impress buyers. But it does take a little creativity and a clear understanding of the main goal: to remove personal clutter and make everything else shine.Here are a few simple (and affordable) suggestions for making a home more impressive to potential buyers:

Outside: Spread fresh mulch on the flowerbeds; paint the front door; and buy a new "welcome" mat.

The mudroom: Get rid of the litter box and the pet food bowls; put cleaning supplies out of sight; and hang coats in the closet, not on hooks.

The bathroom: Hide personal items such as athlete’s foot powder or laxatives; put toothbrushes in the medicine cabinet; buy a new shower curtain.

The closets: Ruthlessly thin out clothes and shoes; hang what’s left on matching hangars; and replace the light bulbs with 100 watts.

The kitchen: Get rid of all but the basics in the cupboards and clean everything off the counters.

Source: Universal Press Syndicate, Michael Walsh (08/20/2006)

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