Saturday, August 25, 2007

Antioch Shopping Center Gets A Face Lift

New Site Plan Breaths Life Into My Old Stomping Grounds= Antioch Shopping Ctr.

I've written previously about Antioch Shopping Center and how it was dying a miserable death.

Well now they have a new and smaller budget to cover the cost of re-developing my old stomping grounds.

The new budget has been approved by the Kansas City Tax Increment Finance Commission.

The total cost of the project is now estimate at $72 million vs. $82 million

The size of Antioch Center is going to be reduced by 55,000 square feet. Sears will stay in it's current location and they will tear down the rest of the mall around Sears and rebuild it.

The area will be reborn and things should start thriving again once the project is done.

If you'd like to look at any Kansas City Real Estate by Antioch, please be sure and get ahold of me!

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