Thursday, March 12, 2009

Super Secret

Every once in a while we venture out of our neighborhood in the Northland and go to this fabulous spice store that carries nothing but SPICES!
I know I've mentioned before that my wonderful husband was a Chef in another life before he became a Pharmaceutical Robot Engineer........ and that the kitchen is HIS domain !
We have this special place that we go to in old Overland Park, Kansas, just a hop, skip and a jump from our neck of the woods.
Upon walking in your mouth begins to water at the mere possibilities of what you could dress up with their array of spicies from all over the world. It's truly delightful!
You can get anything from vanilla from other parts of the world to mouth watering garlic to dried chopped celery.....
We can't even go in the place without dropping fifty bucks! They also have boxed gift sets for every occasion
It's a real treat! Check out their website

And you are ALWAYS greated with a smiling face!

Until next time...............

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Kansas City tourism said...

thanks for the share, ive been looking for some special gift to give, and this post give me an idea.. til next time :)

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