Sunday, December 31, 2006

If They Can Smell It, We Can't Sell It

This is serious! If a buyer walks in a home that smells they can immediately be turned off and leave. I've seen this happen even if the home fits their needs perfectly!
With the movement towards a "smoke-free America" more and more buyers are turned off by the left over smell of stale cigarettes.
If you are selling and you'd walk a mile for a camel - think about your potential buyers and bring in a company to professionally refresh your home.
When it comes to pets... if Rover has been all over, you might consider bringing someone in to deodorize. Believe it or not, some folks just don't like pets.
If you have pet stains, hire a professional to removed the stains. If you know there are stains on the hardwoods under the carpet, I suggest declaring that on the seller's disclosure to save you a possible headache later.
There are also those people who like pets but are allergic to them. Another suggestion would be to have Rover or Fluffy out of your home during showings. Your furry friends could be scaring off buyers who sneeze their way right out the front door.
Just remember when listing your home for sale in Kansas City, MO - if they can smell it, it will be hard to sell it.
Fran White, REALTOR 2006



sell you home said...

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Fran White, Realtor said...

Thanks for the compliment. :)

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