Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Real Estate Blog - Sex Offender NABBED by concerned mother

Sex Offender NABBED by concerned mother
A few days ago Broker Bryant wrote
Prepare to be shocked. Read this!!!!! regarding the use of the website www.FamilyWatchdog.us
I have subscribed to this site and get occasional emails from them with success stories.
If my Kansas City Real Estate clients raise this as a concern I recommend that they do a search on the site themselves, it's extremely user friendly and informational!
Below is the contents of an email I received from them today.

FamilyWatchdog.US used to bust registered offender who attempted to lure a child from his mother

FamilyWatchdog.US was recently used by a Florida mother to identify, locate and arrest a registered offender who attempted to lure her four-year-old son from a Florida park.

The mother, who remains unidentified citing privacy and security issues, told her son not to talk to strangers when an unknown man approached him while playing in Navarre Park in Santa Rosa County, Florida. The young boy later told his mother the man asked if he wanted to go home and play ball at the man's house. Growing concerned, she searched the area around Navarre Park for registered offenders using FamilyWatchdog.us, the nation's leading offender registry resource. After viewing just one other registered offender, the woman found a picture of the man who just hours earlier approached her son in Navarre Park. According to the Santa

Fran White, REALTOR 2006 Kansas City Real Estate

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