Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hope on Jackson County's Horizon

There's Hope on the Horizon for Property Taxes in Jackson County, Missouri
How are property taxes figured in your County? There's hope on Jackson County's horizon!
For about the last two years Jackson County, Missouri taxes have been climbing at an enormous rate due to a process called the C.O.V. (Certificate of Value).
When the Jackson County Executive seat was up for re-election, I wanted to make sure that we got someone in there that would do something about the Real Estate tax situation.
I took a look at all the candidates and Mike Sanders was concerned that high property taxes were making it difficult for middle class families to live in Jackson County. He confirmed when county had adopted a certificate of value standard to assess the market value of property, that approach made property taxes jump. He wants to reevaluate the COV approach. (My comment: It makes the property/real estate tax about 1 and 1/2% of the sales price)He stated: "I think we have to go back and evaluate what happened to cause this dramatic rise in property taxes," said Sanders. "If COVs was the way to go, was that process fair? Did we do this correctly?"
Yes, I voted for Mike Sanders.... after looking at all the candidates I felt he had integrity.
Today in the Kansas City Business Journal I read that Mike Sanders laid out a six-point plan. He said he wanted to study why county property taxes have climbed so sharply in the last two years. Of course this makes Kansas City less competitive in recruiting and retaining businesses, but Sanders also cares that people will be able to afford homes.
I'm glad I voted for Mike, perhaps he and I together can do our part to get more folks a home in Kansas City, MO .
Fran White, REALTOR 2007

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