Sunday, May 13, 2007

Kansas City Missouri Heating and Cooling Experts

I learned a couple of things yesterday that will help me in my Kansas City Real Estate adventures!

Of course I try to learn something everyday, but yesterday was something that will definitely help my clients!

Ever since we moved in our home five years ago we've maintained a maintenance contract with A.M. Heating and Cooling. (it was a stroke of luck that we found such a wonderful provider)

Some may think a maintenance contract with a Kansas City Heating and Cooling company is foolish, we find it very wise.

Regular maintenance of your a/c and heating units are essential in keeping a safe and healthy environment for your family. And you personally should change your furnace filters once a month.

Mark Avinew of A.M. Heating and Cooling is amazing when it comes to knowledge, customer service and maintaining your heating and cooling units.

We were visiting with him yesterday about heat pumps... and here's what I learned:

Kansas City Power and Light (KCP&L) gives customers a discount if they
have a heat pump...

In the Kansas City area, if the temperature
gets below 40 degrees, A.M. Heating and Cooling suggests switching over to your gas furnace which will save on the life of the compressor in your heat pump.

It's amazing the things we learn!

After talking with Mark yesterday, I'm going to start suggesting, in addition to a general home inspection, that my buyers get a mechanical inspection on the heating and cooling units of the home they are interested in. It makes sense.... who knows heating and cooling in Kansas City better than the specialists like A.M. Heating and Cooling?

For your Kansas City Real Estate needs, call me 816-682-3897
But for your Kansas City Heating and Cooling needs, Call A and M. Heating & Cooling....913-268-6203:: Tell them Fran White sent you!

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