Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Roasterie...Yummy Coffee...New Blends

My favorite coffee to enjoy while working on Kansas City Real Estate! The Roasterie has new blends!!

Now is the time of the year for friends and family, barbecue, little league baseball and sitting by the pool and reading a book. Enhance the experience of summer with hot or cold coffees and teas prepared with passion by your friends at The Roasterie.

Only the Best Get Canned:Our Limited Reserve Coffee Cans symbolize the uniqueness of the coffees within. Many of these coffees have won awards and have been reviewed as some of the highest rated coffees in the world. We are currently offering all Limited Reserve Coffee Cans at a discounted price of 20%.
Santa Isabel of Nicaragua - Cup of Excellence®

Guatemalan Huehuetenango:

San Cristobal of Guatemalan - Cup of Excellence®

Santa Sofia of El Salvador - Cup of Excellence®

Kimel Estate of Papua New Guinea:

Pitalito Estates of Colombia:

Try one of the above tasty beverages in our new diner mug.

It's “Never Summer” with Iced Coffee:When that muggy heat starts rolling into your neighborhood, it’s time to get equipped. The Never Summer Blend is a coffee dedicated to retaining a complex flavor while having the ability to quench the summer thirst.

Brewed Iced Coffee Recipe:Grind 2 oz. (4 tablespoon) of coffee to every 6 oz. of water. Refrigerate in a glass or plastic container. Pour coffee over a cup of ice and serve. Never Summer! Revolt against the summer heat.

Employee Pick of the Month:Clint is our Event Coordinator here at The Roasterie and has recently been raving about Gotham Espresso. “It’s a sweet, smooth espresso (good drip too) and has an insane crema!” Try this wonderful and underrated espresso and let us know what you think!

In The News:The Roasterie’s Santa Sofia of El Salvador was recently featured in Barista Magazine as one of this summer's spotlighted coffee products. Also Imbibe's May/June issue has an article on Kansas City’s hard working coffee community and features The Roasterie while mentioning some of the restaurants that serve our coffee. You can check out either of these magazines by visiting your local magazine retailer.
Barista Magazine

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