Monday, July 16, 2007


Monday, July 16, 2007

Missouri's Sales Tax Holiday for '07

Just a reminder for all you parents in with children going to school.
There is another sales tax holiday coming on August 3rd thru 5th.

The sales tax holiday does not have mandatory participation, local jurisdictions and declare not to participate.

Be sure to ask when going into a store if they are participants of the sales tax holiday.

The Missouri Department of Revenue's site has a list of counties that have opted out. It can be found here:
I do not see Clay County or Platte County listed!

Here are the limitations for the exemptions:

Clothes - any article having a tax value of $100 or less
Computer Software/Programs - tax value of $350.00 or less
Personal Computers - cannot exceed $3,500
School Supplies - cannot exceed $50 per purchase
Computer Peripherals - (such as printers, etc.) cannot exceed $3,500
Additional information on qualifying items found on the Missouri Department of Revenue site:

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