Saturday, August 25, 2007

President Bush is Reading My Blogs?

I wrote previously about the Saturday morning that we stopped by the Corner Cafe for some of their delicious bisquits and gravy. It was so good.... good enough for the President I guess.

There are many things President Bush did while he was in Kansas City yesterday: snarled traffic, addressed the VFW Convention and ate breakfast at the Corner Cafe.

The Corner Cafe is in Riverside, Missouri, a very small suburb of Kansas City. Most people don't even know that it's there and usually only locals go to Riverside. So I'm thinking that someone in the President's immediate group or the President himself has been reading my Active Rain blog.... how else would he know about their yummy bisquits and gravy?

Mr. President enjoyed his breakfast with other well known Kansas City figures such as George Brett, here's what Wikipedia says about George; Carl Peterson with the Kansas City Chiefs; Terry Dunn from Dunn Construction and Ann Dickinson.

The owner of the Corner Cafe, Ed Rule, just agreed to reserve a room for a "business meeting".... little did he know that it was the President.

So I say keep on reading Mr. President, I'll keep you informed on what's going on in Kansas City and the Kansas City Real Estate market.

*Photo Courtesy of bethanyll22 on Flickr

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