Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fall Lawn Care Tips From My Ryan Lawn Guy

Fall Seeding Instructions
Improve your lawn through seeding

If your lawn hasn't performed well this summer, now is a great time to seed. RYAN can help you improve the quality of turfgrass in your lawn, from seeding for you to selling you our Gold-Tag seed.

If you would like to seed yourself, follow these instructions:
Measure the area to be seeded.
Buy the seed you need. Great lawns start with the best grass. Call RYAN to buy Gold Tag seed.
Mow lawn at lowest setting.
Call RYAN if you think you have thatch. We'll suggest a plan to remove it.
Flag all sprinkler heads and valve boxes.
Put down starter fertilizer.
Apply seed carefully with a cyclone-type spreader.
Rent a verticutter and set it to cut grooves 1/4" deep.
Verticut area twice AFTER SEEDING.
Start watering right away.
Soak lawn thoroughly the first day.
Water daily for three weeks, keep newly seeded area continually moist.

Protect Crabapples, Pines Next Season
Our plant protection products prevent disease

Certain plants are susceptible to fungal diseases during wet spring months. Many crabapples, pines and hawthorns are commonly affected.

Crabapples and hawthorns are affected by apple scab and cedar-apple rust. A common symptom of these diseases is yellowing leaves with spots. Premature defoliation is a common result. Austrian and Scotch pines are prone to tip blight, a foliar disease that causes needles at the tips of the trees to brown.

This can be frustrating as a homeowner because the trees must be protected on a preventative basis. If you noticed any of the above symptoms, give your RYANPro a call. Through our preventative program, we can prevent these diseases from occuring. Proper timing of our applications can control the fungi and enable you to enjoy healthy trees next season.
Iron Chlorosis Still Evident
It's not too late to relieve this condition

In August's issue of our landscape guide, we brought iron chlorosis to your attention.

Pin oak and river birch are commonly affected by this condition. If you would like to learn more about iron chlorosis, visit our resource library: Iron Chlorosis.

Without proper treatment, trees may lose leaves prematurely, or suffer branch and limb dieback. Death can result from severe cases.

If you have questions, or have a tree that needs treatment, give your RYAN Certified Arborist a call. It isn't too late in the season to relieve this condition. We can provide the tree with the iron it needs by injecting an appropriate mixture of iron and water directly into the trunk of the tree.
Feed Trees To Assist Stress Recovery
Give trees, shrubs nutrients they need to thrive

Many of us were affected by the freezing temperatures earlier this spring. This added to typical summer stress, making this a particularly rough year on trees and shrubs.

Your RYAN Certified Arborist recommends our deep root fertilization this fall to help your trees and shrubs recover from all of this season's stresses. In addition to assisting with stress recovery, root feeding can increase plant health and vigorous root and shoot growth.

You can learn more about root fertilization by visiting our resource library: Root Fertilization. Contact your RYAN Certified Arborist to schedule this application this fall.

Landscape Calendar: September
Seed lawn if needed. Remember to water daily for three weeks after seeding.
Prepare new landscape beds for planting in the spring: Kill the grass and till in compost.
Fertilize your lawn to help it recover from summer stress.
Continue to water and weed landscape beds as needed.

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